The Rollerless Series tested on E-MTB

First, it allows me to explore new trails in my area looking for specific training routes. On the E-MTB I can explore further and check out more of the trails without wasting energy if the trails turn out to be not that good. I can then pick the most suitable routes for particular training requirements.

Secondly, on recovery days I can do a properly relaxed ride at exactly the effort level I need to. As we all know, recovery is an important part of training and it’s far too easy to get a bit carried away and not recover properly. The E-MTB has really helped me with this.

This kind of riding involves a lot of gear shifting, and the motor on the E-MTB adds a lot of torque to the chain as well. With that in mind, I have been testing the new ONZE-117 Rollerless chain from TAYA. This is an innovative design that TAYA have produced which gets rid of the roller in the chain as a separate part so the chain lasts longer and runs more quietly. As a TAYA test rider it was up to me to see if this was true for the E-MTB! It turned out to be an amazing chain. Even though it’s not E-bike specific it coped with everything I rode, uphill and down, changing gear sweetly and smoothly every time.

I tested it for a full year on those hills around my home with 70 hours of riding on the E-MTB – that’s 1,200 km of technical trails ridden with 45,000 m ascent and descent. I’ve worked out that’s about 10,000 gear shifts in total, and the chain hasn’t missed or hung up on any of those shifts. That’s really impressive. It’s exceeded my expectations massively.