Anti-Counterfeiting Statements

Dear customers,

Recently, we find some counterfeits with very similar TAYA product design and packaging, which will probably mislead you to use fake products, not from TAYA, and also hurt TAYA’s reputation. To protect your interests against losses, we are willing to remind you how to distinguish the counterfeit thoroughly.

Please note that all “TAYA” branded chains produced by TAYA CHAIN CO., LTD. are ONLY made in “TAIWAN”.

If you find any case that may be counterfeit, please do not hesitate to contact us directly.

Thank you so much!

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              TAYA CHAIN CO., LTD.

This video will teach you how to identify TAYA products and the counterfeits.

These products are COUNTERFEITS!

These counterfeits use incorrect model name and the design of the chains are also different from TAYA authentic products!

We have to remind you that there are some counterfeits on the market, and the counterfeits typically have poor quality because counterfeiters usually use inferior material for lower costs. If you find the product price is too good to be true,  you are probably not buying a genuine TAYA chain!

Please note that TAYA does not authorize the company “唐山大亚链条有限公司” to manufacture any products with TAYA trademark and logo. The authentic TAYA’s company name in Chinese is “大亞鏈條股份有限公司”, and  in English is “TAYA CHAIN Co., Ltd.”

All TAYA branded products are ONLY MADE IN TAIWAN!