「Green firST」

Rust Shield Protection Stainless Bike Chain

Where low maintenance load demands the upgrade protective chain, the GST anti-rust protection  stainless bike chain works to be the bike’s best companion.


GST Technology is a unique range of eco-coating developed exclusively by TAYA and unrivalled in the industry.

  • Excellent corrosion protection for chains and other parts including bolts – up to 25 years of rust resistance !
  • With its hardened anti-graffiti surface, just water spraying to shed mud and debris off the chain at ease cleaning.
  • Smoother shifting because the coating is “baked-in” to the chain – it doesn’t add to the chain’s weight or thickness.
  • Environmentally green – the manufacturing process does not use toxic chemicals or processes.

GST Anti-rust Test

Step 1.

Three parts place in the same accelerated oxidation indicator.
What does it mean if it's last 2HR? 25 years rustproofing.

Step 2.

2 Mins Later
Steel has oxidized.

Step 3.

10 Mins Later
Nickel Plating one has also oxidized.

Toxic Free Product Test

Step 1.

How to detect toxic “Carcinogens Cr6+”?

Step 2.

Colorimetric Analysis: Under acidic conditions,
toxic Cr6+ will indicate purple color.

Step 3.

10 Second later, you can easily tell the toxic purple plates.