GST: TAYA’s green first treatment tech @ Wheelgiant Report


GST: TAYA’s green first treatment tech @ Wheelgiant Report

TAYA’s GST(Green firST) Treatment Tech

With 40 years of history. TAYA produces high quality chains, and is also a leader in anti-rust surface treatment tech.



Although the existing “Dacromet” surface treatment methods, which is widely used on bicycle parts, is highly effective. However, it contains Cr6+ chromium compounds declared by UN to be carcinogens.

These compounds are water-soluble, which allows them to be ingested by humans, and they can also contaminate the environment through runoff and groundwater. As a result, their use is subject to legal controls.

TAYA therefore developed its GST eco-friendly anti-rust surface
treatment method to meet this need;this method uses no Cr6+ compounds, and complies with European, US, and Japanese environment protection requirements.

GST tech can also achieve 25 years anti-rust capabilities, and has passed salt mist testing of anti-rust ability for 500 hours administered by SGS.




The GST process can also be used to treat chromoly parts, greatly improving their corrosion resistance. It will not affect parts physical performance, particularly torsion strength, and yields strength even better than that of stainless steel, at a lower cost. This surface treatment method is thus a green tech deserving of widespread adoption. Wheel Giant