Special Showpiece at Taipei Show TAYA booth


The annual Taipei Cycle Show opening soon, TAYA has unique design in booth. In addition to the exhibition table and chain parts to show, a live demonstration of three more in today's Europe's most popular electric bicycles, E-Cargo Bike ( Pic 1 ) , E-Mini Velo ( Pic2 ) and E-Mountain Bike ( Pic3 ) .


Electric bikes became the best-selling in the Europe, and the United States, but because of the high torque output of which is set electric control system, coupled with the need in the city, a variety of road conditions, every start of the chain are a kind of heavy load. So in order to enjoy the convenient, we need more careful selection of high-strength, impact resistance chain. TAYA chain with high-quality, has won the European top E-BIKE Group designated use.


2016 Taipei Cycle Show is coming when 2016 March 2 to March 5, don’t forget to see this three guests at TAYA booth, also welcome posed for pictures. Hope to see them often on the street in the future!

Pic 1 : E-Cargo Bike

Pic 2 : E-Mini Velo

Pic 3 : E-Mountain Bike