TAYA 12 Speed – TOLV bone for challenge!


TAYA, expert of chains, after releases of high performance chains for mid-driven motor e Bike and superior torque-resistance chains for MTB in 2016 will launch 12 speed chains in March, 2017. 


This upmarket goods is not only perfectly compatible to 12-speed derailleur group set, also inherits all TAYA remarkable technologies such as DHT and GST for 25 years anti-rust protection and minimum friction to derailleur system. 


GALAXY collection color is one of the charming color applied on TOLV chain model to fulfill the fantasy to vast starry sky~  

Beyond the GALAXY collection, there are other 5 color options for 12-speed ridders including Ti-Black, Ti-Gold, Ti-Gray (GST), Black/Gold, and Silver version.


You will find the your 12-speed chain from TAYA!