TAYA Group - Giant, Kenda, TAYA, Tern, Holux @ New Product Launch


Why are leading E-bike brands choosing TAYA?

With more than 40 international medias, TAYA released durable E-bike chain for Bosch system on the meeting.

New E-bike regulation from EU:
The electrical and electronic parts of pedelec 
with assistance from 25km to 45 km/h.

Center Motor Impact-Resistant Chain is the perfect match with high power and torque:
750W drive system& 94Nm maximum torque Approved )

As a total solution provider, TAYA also applied World's 1st Green Anti-rust Chain on E-bike Series, the GM Motor certificated treatment will offer 27 years bicycle chain rustproof performance in city.


Plus, no-tool required Sigma Connector is the most efficient  and convenient for bike assembly line and cyclists to handle bicycle chain.

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Brand: GIANT Bike

Brand: KENDA Tire

Brand: Tern Folding Bike

Brand: TAYA Bike Chain

= Invitation from TAITRA =
Please join us at Eurobike, where TAYA will unveil
the heart of the E-bike transmission system in the meeting.


   ‧Theme: Gearing up for the Future! Taiwan Bikes

   ‧TAYA Topic:  Next generation E-bike chain, 5,000KM durability


   ‧Location: Conference Center East, Room Paris

   ‧Date: 8/28 13:00- 14:00

SOURCE: http://www.eurobike-show.com/eb-en/press/press-appointments.php

Visit TAYA Chain’s Eurobike booth: A5-503.
Experience the next generation E-bike chain in person.





Giant is the world’s leading provider of high-quality bicycles and has been devoted to cycling culture and sports since 1972. This year, the company will showcase its Trance Advanced 27.5, a bike which is light, agile, and born to go fast on technical trails. Developed with input from Giant’s champion enduro pros, the frame is engineered specifically for 27.5, the ideal wheel size for all-around trail capabilities.

Speaker: Steffen Barkhau
( Product Manager Giant Germany )


Kenda builds tires and tubes for bicycles, motorcycles, agriculture, lawn and garden, and many other vehicles on wheels.
Since the founding in 1962, it has set honesty, hard work and customer service as the cornerstones of their business. Kenda will continue to develop innovative products, maintain a high standard of quality and offer excellence in customer service.

Speaker: Uwe Daniel
( Marketing Manager )


Due to half a century of development, TAYA Chain is now the leading bicycle chain maker in Taiwan. At Eurobike they will not only present a revolutionary lightweight chain, but also launch a next generation E-bike chain, that lasts for more than 5000 kilometers.

Speaker: Jill Wu ( Vice President )


Since its inception in 1994, Holux has been engaging in designing, manufacturing, and marketing of navigation and communications equipment for consumer markets all over the world. Current products include PND, Tracker, Outdoor GPS, Digital video recorder, GPS Receiver/Logger, GPS module, and customized products to fulfill various customers’ demands.

Speaker: Eddy Huang
( Director, Marketing & Sales Division )

Tern is dedicated to the goal of sustainable transportation and designs and manufactures bicycles for urban transport with a focus on portability and utility.

Speaker: Joshua Hon ( Vice President )