E-MTB Chain & E-Hybrid Bike Chain - High Torque Impact Resistance

With the increasing demand of center motor E-bike in EU, people get used to ride a E-trekking bike or E-MTB on the daily basis.

Observing the existing situation of safety, TAYA have developed the impact resistant E-bike chain from 11 speed to IGH system. On the field test, it was highly compatible with Bosch Series ( 750W, 75Nm ).

With DHT ( Diamond Hard Treatment ) , bike chain parts will be up to HV 1,800. Thus, the E-bike chain even approved on 1000W and 160Nm torque mid-drive system max. police petrol bike!


TAYA has developed exclusive DHT(Diamond Hard Tech) ,which is the heat treatment procedure. Unlike the normal chain with thick coating layer, DHT can generate tooth-like metal, which penetrates 3-5 time deeper into the chains and increases average chain life to 7,000KM. At the same time, it creates self lubricated surface, less friction and time-proven advantages offer accurate shifting in long-distance riding condition.

25 years rustproofing Protection

TAYA have cooperated with the leading E-bike makers such as Accell Group. The total solution service offers 25 years anti-rust protection as well as high strength performance, so they enjoyed for the brand new bicycle parts !