48 th

Since 1969, TAYA Group is the world’s leading chain manufacturer

TAYA Group inherited the bicycle chain and motorcycle chain division from Tsubaki Chain CO.
(Japanese enterprise). From production line to quality assurance, we have taken the serious and precise measurements for nearly half century.

Developing the next generation and market driven product

As a R&D pioneer in transportation industry, TAYA Group invested 16 million USD on research and development expense in the last decade:

A. Production: TCPS automatic production system, the yearly capacity of bike chain is up to 24 million pieces.

B. Exclusive Product: With more than 100 patented product design worldwide, as well as the functional treatment like GST anti-rust treatment at auto industry level for high-end bike parts.

In an era of service oriented management, 
TAYA Group has operated more business sectors to provide timely service. Bicycle Chain
, Motorcycle Chain, Fitness Bike Chain, Garage door Chain, GST Anti-rust Treatment

Taiwan Headquarters

  • Plants: Three ( 2 in Tainan, 1 in Kaohsiung )

  • Land area: 333,343sqft ( 30,968m 2 )
  • Principal Businesses: 5 business sectors and 1 high-end product development center
.For instance, all 11 speed to 9 speed bicycle chain is made by TAYA
 Excellence Production Center.

China Company

  • Plants: One (Northern China in Tianjin)
、One warehouse (South China in Shenzhen)
  • Land area: 100,106sqft ( 9,300m 2 )

  • Principal Businesses: entry-level product from a mass production supplied mainly in China.