Brand Spirit

Fun, Performance & Style.
giving your life a chains/chance for the better

In 2012, three dream makers rode bicycles to travel from Beijing to Rome. This bike challenge took 7.5 months and covered more than 15,000 kilometer across 13 countries.

We believe that outdoor activities are not only for being a champion, but also for reaching your potential and achieving the extraordinary dreams.

No matter what you are riding, whether it’s a heavy duty trekking bike chain, persevering spirit of triathlon bike chain, mountain bike chain, lightweight bike chain, or city bike with stylish color chain.

As the best partner on transmission system, TAYA Chain always encourages you to enjoy a great adventure and remind you to have a sense of humor!

ExploreLife is like a box of chocolate.

Have FunKeeping a sense of humor is the best way to love cycling life

Reach Your PotentialA friend in need is a friend indeed

PerformanceThe Relentless Pursuit of Perfection