Chain Maintenance

A smooth running efficient chain is a well maintained chain. Although TAYA’s
GST and DHT prolongs the life of the chain, and minimizes the work required
to keep your chain in good running order, the following steps need to be
carried out to keep you drivetrain running smoothly, and riding fun!


1. Use a quality chain checker to monitor chain wear. Once the chain shows
wear, replace it. This will prolong the life of the whole drivetrain.

2. Do not add oil to a dirty drivetrain, this is one of the worst things you can do.
To prolong chain life it is much better to lubricate a little and more often,
and only after cleaning the chain.

3. Clean your drivetrain straight after a dirty or wet ride, doing so will prevent
any corrosion to drivetrain parts which will accelerate chain wear. If you
have a limited time to clean your bike then clean the drivetrain first, it
doesn’t matter if the frame is dirty.

4. Always carry a Sigma+ Connector. This can be the difference between a quick chain fix and a long walk home.