Introducing TAYA’s E-bike Series

Whatever your E-bike, and whatever your style of riding, TAYA make an E-bike chain to suit.

To suit not just your bike but also all of the conditions you ride in. E-bikes put particular sorts of stress on the chain and unless that chain is designed specifically for those stresses, and then thoroughly tried and tested, it could ruin your whole riding experience. So don’t cut corners with the chain, fit one designed for E-bikes. Rely on TAYA and concentrate on your riding instead worrying about your drivetrain.

The TAYA-DHT (Diamond Hard Treatment) that all E-bike chains are treated with has been designed and tested to cope effectively and efficiently with the instant high torque output from mid-drive drivetrains. Simply put, the chain parts on the E-bike specific chains are harder and tougher than on a normal chain. As soon as you apply the power and the motor kicks in you can therefore rely on your TAYA chain to cope with the strain, even with the heaviest load or on the steepest, roughest terrain. Perfect for using on a cargo E-bike shifting goods around town; reliable on the daily E-bike commute day after day after day; rugged enough to deal with the ever-changing demands off-road on an E-MTB.

The extra strength and durability added to the chains during the TAYA Diamond Hard Treatment process also means the chains have been approved even for 1000W and 160Nm torque mid-drive systems. There is flawless compatibility with both the Bosch and the Yamaha series where the maximum possible drive torque can be up to 85Nm. These chains can deal with the toughest requirements on any system. This makes them highly recommended for sporty pedelecs.

There is a TAYA E-bike chain for all drivetrains: from single-speeds through to 12 speed. So whether you are running an internal hub gear, on an 8 speed commuter bike or using the latest 12 speed transmission there is a TAYA chain to suit your E-bike. On or off-road, daily use or leisure TAYA have it covered. All of the E-bike chains have been field tested. They have been pushed to the limit in a variety of conditions: wet and dry, on road dealing with the filth of winter and the dryness of summer, off-road coping with grit and mud. This sort of testing means you can be sure your chain won’t fail on your ride.

You’ll see us around. Around town on messenger bikes, cargo bikes, commuter bikes, carrying workers, kids, food deliveries, anything you please. Around on the trails pushing limits, shredding, chilling, high up, low down, in the woods, on the beach. Wherever an E-bike can get to, TAYA will be there with you.

Whatever you ride, however often you ride, remember when choosing components for your E-bike drivetrain don’t forget the importance of the chain, but fit the one you can forget about. Rely on TAYA.