TAYA in the 2022 TAIPEI CYCLE Show

As the longest standing bicycle chain manufacturer in Taiwan, TAYA CHAIN participates in the 2022 TAIPEI CYCLE Show.

2022 TAIPEI CYCLE Show is held in Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center from 3/9 to 3/12. The main topic of the TAYA booth is the whole E-Bike chain series from single speed to 12 speed chains. In addition, TAYA’s “12 speed E-Bike Chain Workshop Reel “has won the 2022 Taipei cycle d&i awards.

TAYA’s exclusive Super DHT technology applied to E-Bike series

Compared to hard chrome electroplating, TAYA’s exclusive Super DHT (Diamond Hard Treatment) technology applied to its E-Bike series increases surface hardness by up to 125%. Moreover, TAYA’s E-Bike series is designed to deal with the greater torque and stress an e-bike delivers to the drivetrain.

To make the public have a better understanding of the DHT technology, TAYA sets an experience area, which displays a bigger scale model of two different chain pins. One has received the DHT technology, and the other has received a normal heat treatment. When people scratch two iron pin models with the same file, it is obvious that the surface with DHT technology is tougher than the other.

TAYA’s E-bike series and bicycle parts are also using the exclusive GST technology

TAYA exclusive GST (Green Surface Treatment) technology is 100% hexavalent chromium free, and complying with RoHS and REACH standards. Not only eco-friendly, TAYA E-bike chain series’ GST coating also have sustained 1000 hours of the salt spray test, extending the corrosion resistance of chains up to 25 years.

“12 speed E-Bike Chain Workshop Reel “has won the 2022 Taipei cycle d&i awards

Another eye-catching product in TAYA’s booth is our “12 speed E-Bike Chain Workshop Reel”, winning the 2022 Taipei cycle d&i awards. With a user-oriented design, TAYA provides a roller with a 30-meter packaging box. Bike shop mechanics can hang the packaging up and pull the chain directly from the opening. They can also measure the original bike chain and set it as a benchmark to cut off chains of the same length. And the best part is, the Workshop Reel greatly reduces the potential waste of materials.


Galaxy chain series

Furthermore, people can also see TAYA’s special Galaxy series in the booth. There are three color choices of the Galaxy series, including blue, green, and purple-red. Mirroring and glossy surfaces provide the end-user with easy cleaning and maintenance operations.



Running in parallel with TAIPEI CYCLE Show, the virtual event TAIPEI CYCLE DigitalGo, will be available online from March 9 until April 8 for those of you who can’t make it to Taiwan. Visit our online booth https://reurl.cc/l9llvd