TAYA x GASGAS Partnership

What links an iconic off-road motorbike brand and the world leaders in e-bike chain manufacture?

Well, apart from an incredible attention to detail from both helping ensure the products are as good as they can be, there’s a new partnership in France between GASGAS bikes and TAYA chains making sure the demo fleet of GASGAS e-MTBs can cope with the rigours of demo riding.

GASGAS introduced a whole range of e-bikes in 2021.

Their e-MTBs draw on their long experience of building top quality off-road motorbikes, and the bikes in the Enduro Cross range certainly demonstrate that experience in all details of specification. They all share a Yamaha PW-X2, 250W, 80Nm motor to deliver the right amount of power at the right time. And they are designed to cope with pretty much anything you can throw at them – long and low geometry, 160mm travel front and rear, durable enduro componentry, just what you would expect from motorbike enduro and trials specialists. GASGAS already understand off-road riding with a motor and they know what to build.

Demo days event

Of course, a new bike brand needs to get its name out to new customers and the best way to do that is to let people ride the bikes. Demo days and demo bikes are the perfect way to show how good your products are. Let them be ridden on the terrain they were designed for, not round a car park. But, as everyone knows, demo bikes get thrashed. Every single ride. Those demoing a bike want to make sure they get the most out of their ride and so the limits get pushed. That puts the bike, especially the transmission, under a lot of stress.

“We want equipment to be able to cope with whatever the riders throw at the demo bikes.” said Sébastien Raymond, head of GASGAS E-bikes France.

The transmission of an e-bike, especially an e-MTB, comes under incredible strain and torque – there’s not just the pedalling action of the rider, but also the effort of the motor. As renowned off-road motorbike specialists GASGAS have studied the effects of motors on the wear rates of transmission for far longer than a normal bike manufacturer, and it is this experience that made them turn to TAYA for the chains for their demo fleet.

Development with planning

TAYA looked at the demands for an e-bike chain for a 12-speed system and developed the e-TOLV-121, drawing on the 50 years of experience they have in making quality bicycle chains. The e-TOLV-121 doesn’t just meet all current safety standards, it surpasses them.

TAYA’s Diamond Hard Treatment (DHT) adds extra strength and prolongs the life of the product, also helping to prolong the life of the other parts of the transmission. TAYA’s comprehensive testing means the chains are compatible with all 12-speed systems and with the major motor manufacturers, including Yamaha and Bosch.

Perfect Solution

The e-TOLV-121 is tough, durable and the perfect solution for what GASGAS wanted for their demo bikes. That’s why you’ll find an off-road motorbike specialist specifying TAYA chains when they need the best.