Green Standard Approved: Super Single-α with GST finish @ Bike Euro


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Taiwan's chain maker Taya chain calls it newest technology GST or "Green Surface Treatment" . 
It's free of toxic materials and complies with the latest European as well as United States standards for the use of environmental friendly materials; REACH, RoHS & CPSIA.

Green Surface Treatment is used at Taya's new Eco & Anti-Rust Trekking bicycle chain. This "Super Single-α" bicycle chain offers other innovative features like 1/2" x 3/32" specification which is particularly designed for 3/32" internal-hub gear widths. 

Its got corrosion protection as well as "
Half Link" design making it easier to adjust the length of chain. 
The Super Single-α bicycle chain is made with hollowed parts in order to achieve a remarkable weight reduction.