GST on Bike Chain and Hardware: New Anti Rust Treatment @BikeEuro


GST: New Treatment for Taya Anti Rust Chain @BikeEuro

Taya chains claims to have found a solution to making a good anti-rust bicycle chain. It is called GST ( Greener Surface Treatment ) and makes the chains rust-free for up to 1,000 hours.
According to salt spray bath tests recently done by Taya Chain.This new treatment can extend the chain’s service life and make bikes more reliable and less noisy. 

Bicycles are often left outdoors in snow and rain and service is often neglected, this holds especially true for commuter bikes, rental bikes, and messenger bikes. 

The chain is one of the items on a bike that is severely stressed and usually gets the least maintenance, so an anti-rust coating can greatly extend its life and provide a longer and better riding experience.

Taya's GST Treatment is offered in a range of Taya chains from dedicated single speed chains to 9-speed and even to 10 speed Ultralite chains. Previously only very expensive stainless steel chains could be made to last as long as 1,000 hours in a saltspray test.

Now it is possible to apply the GST process to steel with higher strength than stainless steel. Not only is Taya offering chains with this process, but spokes, spoke nipples, bolts and other pieces for other OEM’s can be treated.

The GST treatment can provide 2-10 times the corrosion protection of already existing rustproof treatments, making it possible to use steel with higher tensile strength than stainless steel at more economical prices.