Silver/Colour Derailleur Chains @ BikeEuro


Bike Europe Report

Chain maker Taya chain will show its latest technique in colouring bicycle chains at Taipei Cycle 2012. Taya Teflon Coloured Chains provides the opportunity to enhance the design and looks of the bike. 

Tensile force and environmental conditions require bike chains to be from high quality and long durability. Therefore it was not possible to produce coloured bicycle chains also for derailleurs as too soon the colour chipped off. That’s in the past.

Now Taya has made it possible to also bring colours to derailleur bicycle chains as it applies friction-free features of Teflon to its chains’ inner plates. With Teflon the green, blue, red, and orange colours will last the whole chain life.

The inner plates are coloured, the most heavily used outer plates are nickel-plated. The chains combine the non-rubbing features of Teflon with

Taya’s environmentally friendly corrosion protection coatings called GST.
At this year’s Taipei Cycle Taya is presenting three different kinds of coloured chains. All are ROHS, REACH, and CPSIA approved. The Teflon coloured chains are for 9 and 10 speed derailleur systems in ½ x 5 / 64”.

They feature hardened sub punched pin; inclined outer bridge; deep inner waist chamfer as well as 4-edges chamfer outer plates. Also new at Taya is the Diamond Hard Technology. This new technology offers an advanced durability enhancing treatment to minimize wear to the chain and gear components.

The Diamond Hard treatment is not only applied to the pin, but to all other parts of the chain, increasing the hardness 2.2 times on the pin and 25% – 50% on all other parts.

Taya uses Diamond Hard in its new ONZE 11-speed chain and the new generation of 10-speed DECA and 9-speed NOVE series. It gives these series a chain life of between 3,000 to 5,000 kilometers according to Taya.