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The next generation E-bike Chain from TAYA

TAYA Chain has unveiled what it calls the next generation e-bike chains. It comes in a 8,9,10 speed version.
The 8 Speed OCTO-DH is the perfect match for e-bikes. TAYA Bicycle Chain exclusive DHT self-lubricated hardness treatment applies to the joint component, strengthening the hardness to HV1,800 -30% harder than is commonly used.  The riveting-strength of chain is 10% more than required by ISO regulations. 
TAYA Bicycle Chain exclusive GST plating is the world'sfirst anti-rust bicycle chain made with zero-toxic metals.
Abandoning the toxic Dacromet surface treatment, GST can be used not only bicycle chains but also high-end  bike hardwares, which is EU green standard approved
( RoHS,REACH,and CPSIA compliant )