[Video Workshop]Patent Sigma Connector - Bicycle Chain Quick Link



                                Step-by-step Video:   http://youtu.be/xW8dSXft-MQ

Bicycle Chain Quick Link Replacement  http://youtu.be/VrNJ6sxSnjw

TAYA Chain Workshop presents -
Patent Bicycle Chain Quick Link ( Master Link )

A proprietary chain link extractor tool will be required initially to remove
your old chain, and reduce the length of your new chain if necessary.

However, you can assemble your bicycle chain quick link with
“TAYA No-Tool-Required Sigma Connector” just follow the instructions.


Insert the connecting link into the ends of the
chain.  And plate goes on the outside of the chain.


Pass open Sigma link through end of the chain.


 Place the Sigma top plate over the top of the free
rivet groove while gently bending the Sigma link.


Press down Sigma top plate until you hear a  
“click”, the chain is correctly assembled.


Check all of the chain to ensure no stiff links.


 10 Speed bicycle chain
   9 Speed bicycle chain
        color bicycle chain
         gold bicycle chain