TAYA E-BIKE chains, over expected performance for Mid-Drive system on E-Bike.


The booming E-bike in Europe, and US, raise the wide & advanced application of electric system not only limited on city bike, but also sporty MTB.

The high torque output of the middle drive system, the extreme gear ratio design in transmission system, plus suddenly engine starting from the stop-go traffic signs, E-bike chain suffers more severe broken challenges than ever.

TAYA E-bike chain models are implanted with the distinct innovation of DHT self-lubricating hardening treatment to provide top security for mid-drive E-bike with IGH to 11-speed transmission. Anti-deforming feature protect chain from broken risk owing to the high motor torque is the key design of TAYA E-bike chains beyond the smooth shifting performance.

The pin hardness applied with TAYA-DHT for E-bike chain models is over “HV1800” , which 25% higher anti-wear properties than similar products in the field. When more people enjoy the sporty E-MTB which growing rapidly by EU regulation releasing speed limit up to 45km from 25km, TAYA high impact resistance E-bike chains are the top choices.

Excellent impact resistance feature, plus special GST eco-friendly anti-rust performance up to 25-years rust proof, TAYA E-BIKE chains satisfied all the strict requirements from mid-motor system.