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1. 2012 TAYA Eurobike Report - The Coating’s Specialist ( Booth: A2-314 )
2. Victory in Tour du Limousin - La Pomme Marseille

[ 2012 TAYA Eurobike Report]

This year, TAYA will deliver "The Coating’s Specialist" concept during Eurobike.
Let's take a glance at the main message:
   a) DHT ( Diamond Hard Tech  ):
       ● Non-Negotiable Durability :  
          TAYA unique DHT ( Diamond Hard Tech ), bike chains will highly increase the
          surface hardness and prolong the usage period up to 5,000 kilometer
       ● Self-Lubricated
          With self-lubricated feature, DHT chains show force-saving and
          easy-maintenance performance on your beloved bike.

   b)  Green First Solution: GST ( Greener Surface treatment )is the answer towards
          all the eco-challenges whilst producing anti-rust coatings, which passes on
          hexavalent chrome so it perserves environment as well as the chain.

   c)   Show Your True Color: Teflon colored coatingcombine all the advantages of a smooth,
          high quality chain with trendy colors.

[ Victory in Tour du Limousin - La Pomme Marseille ]

We are proud to announce that TAYA sponsored team,
La Pomme Marseille cyclistEvaldas Siskevicius, take the lead in Stage 2 of Tour du Limousin.

About Tour du Limousin:
    ◎ takes place in France
    ◎ is part of the Europe Tour
    ◎ UCI race ranked 2 HC

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