(Eurobike Booth: A2/312) Breakthrough - New definition of bicycle chain


Welcome to visit us @ TAYA Booth NO: A2/312

What's new for Eurobike?
Now You Are Stepping onChainmaking Milestone !
Rollerless Structure, EVO-Light chain, New  definition of bicycle chain.
‧19th Century - BUSH CHAIN
  The Classic:
  The classic bush chain, known as strong, durable but heavy
‧20th Century - BUSHLESS CHAIN
  The Upgrade:
  25 years ago bicycle chain upgraded to bushless chain,  
  TAYA was the first one to apply the chain in automatic production line.
  The New Level: 
  Evo-Light chain, brings unprecedented advantage in term of weight.
  Internal gear hub EL chain is up to 40% lighter than the standard one!