【UK】 London Olympics Gold Medal ! Horizon Fitness RT - from TAYA Sponsored Team


◎ UK Horizon Fitness RT   2012 Olympics Gold Medal ( Dani King& Jo Rowsell )
◎ UK Escentual for Viored  2012 Paralympics Two Gold Medal ( Sarah Storey )

Dani King & Jo Rowsell
TAYA sponsored team "Horizon Fitness RT" won gold at the 2012 Olympics and set a new world record with their outstanding performance in the women's team pursuit in the velodrome.

Champion Riders Bicycle Chain Review 

Their Manager Stefan Wyman says that all of his riders use TAYA Chain without exception. He says the joining link is the best on the market by a long way. And the new chain for 2012 (with the slight cut out sections) is a huge improvement on an already good chain. He also goes on to say the weight is competitive. They last well. They have not had a single failure in a chain this season at all. Chain noise is also very low.
 When they are presenting bikes to the press, it's actually quite important to them that the bicycle chain cleans well, and maintains its colour. This gives the best impression of the chain possible to the camera, even when it’s a photo that you’re not prepared for.

Sarah Storey
TAYA sponsored "Escentual for Viored" has won 2 gold's in the 2012 Paralympics in the Individual pursuit and the time trail. She could still win 2 more gold's in the road race and road time trial ~They were all training and competing on TAYA in the run up to the Olympics.