【TW】 Leukemia-Fighter Hsu, is cycling around the world after recovering from the illness


"Chains for The Better Grand Program" - TAYA Chain

Hsu, born in Tainan City, was diagnosed with Leukemia in 2006.
After being in a series of painful treatment, he decided to experience the world by bicycle touring once recovering from the illness.

(TAYA admired his faith and joined the sponsored plan)


During this period of time, he have traveled among Taiwan,Shangri-La, Xiamen, Chengdu,and to Lhasa ! For him, cycling around the world presents his profound lifestyle and faith.

"When I was on the road, plenty of people with lovely dream surrounded me.
I stopped being negative because I have no rights to do that." He said

With his breath-taking photo shooting, let's feel the energy inside the life fighter !
Hsu Blog:  http://blog.xuite.net/kay1027/shusales