【IT】 Carlo Gambirasio - First Downhill Championship


Carlo Gambirasio
2014 First Stage of Downhill Championship.

12 years National Italian Downhill
4 Italian Champion Cross 2011
3rd place Italian Championship Downhill 2011
4th overall Italian Enduro Championship 2012

Bicycle Chain Model

11 speed light bicycle chain    - ONZE-115(UL)  S/S         
10 speed green bicycle chain - DECA-101       GST        
10 speed gold  bicycle chain   - DECA-101 Ti-Gold
10 speed bicycle chain             - DECA-101       S/S

Media Report on MTB-MAG

[ Translated by Google ]
The wonderful world of Italian downhill.

[ Translated by Google ]
Given the high number, after a quick lunch I have to go up for the qualifying heats. Got to start I realize I am the oldest of all the riders! I'm surrounded by kids gassed and super excited about their descent, his mind going back a few years and the memories of the early years of racing with the legendary Claudio Cimatti departing with rollers make me particularly effect. As mentioned before, it has been 14 years since my first Italian championship in Caldirola, at that time the young man he saw in the various Bruno Zanchi / Henry Dalfitto / Corrado Herin their myths I was and I'm glad in a way this could happen against me seeing the boys join several around me.


[ Translated by Google ]
Yes again, the legs are not the best because I have not had time to warm up, delivery, however, well, the first part of therace is perfect as well as the first part of the forest, arriving in the single track wet and the front wheel slipped on a root, I almost stopped against a tree, 2 or 3 seconds they are gone, I have to recover during the rest of the race trying to get off to the best but another couple of inaccuracies do not make me keep up the pace that I would eventually close in 3 ' 20''. Doctors Simon won his first race, stopping the clock on the 3 '14'' 80, followed by the young Revelli and Roncaglia. Eventually I'll 9th ​​overall but regret for the lost seconds and the result is failure.

Returning to the apartment 2 exchange words with Alan, who finishes in eighth place. I rightly points out that the next day he and I would go to work and that the time for training is now limited to a few weekends and it is a natural generational change. Two pats on the back but we quickly agreed to give battle again as early as next stage in Sestola.

My congratulations go to the whole team of Gravitalia,Andrea Torrazza, boss Caldirola and organizer with friends over Gravitalia judges.

I also thank all my sponsors and Carlo Marchisio for photos.